Challenge Fulfilled!

2 Guys Wanted a Challenge! After our flat, easy normal Mission Bay Bike Tour a couple of guys wanted to be challenged...SO I took them UP Mt. Soledad & down to ocean. "Now THIS is something we never see in [...]



Some Riders Even Danced! Beautiful weather, super-nice riders and even music at the Coronado Ferry Landing - what a day!


Say What?

We Just Never Know What We'll See! You just never know what we'll see on our rides! We took the longer southern route to the ocean recently and found the Oom Yung Doe Martial Arts Training Camp in action!


Golf Anyone?

Coronado Golf Course This is the Coronado Golf Course which we ride by. I love showing our riders parts of San Diego they didn't know about - even the ones that live here! 50% said they'd return to play. Me, [...]



Cycling in Paris! It sure is different than cycling in San Diego on one of our Scenic Cycle Tours - my daughter and I had a great time though viewing some historic art on 2 wheels. Thanks Bike About Tours!


I Want to Ride…

Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where I like By Queen


Slowing Down…

What I Hear Most from Local Riders What I hear most from our local riders is "I never realized...this was here - so beautiful!" It's amazing what we notice when we slow down and ride our bikes.



Our Very Own Boardwalk Genius! Slomo skates there every day – arms outstretched, gliding on one leg, the other lifted behind him. He's often grinning and listening to music as he weaves in and out of the crowds. It looks [...]


A Few More Miles

An Island in the Middle of the Bay! On a recent Mission Bay Tour ride the group wanted a few more miles so I took them to Fiesta Island where it's a 1-way road right in the middle of Mission [...]